What do we do?

LeapWave Technologies is a newly created deep tech company. Its vision is a paradigm shift in high-bandwidth interconnections, offering enabling solutions beyond current capabilities in applications such as:
Broadband interconnects
Millimeter and sub-millimeter waves


The applications of LeapWave's technology spans over a wide range of cases, from which some of them should be highlighted.


Wafer Level Testing (WLT) for high speed semiconductor devices.


Ultra Wide Band (UWB) interconnection for new communication devices.

Non-destructive analysis

Contactless measurements ranging from industrial to custom applications in various fields.

Semiconductor Assembly and Packaging

Hybrid assembly and packaging of photonics and RF interconnects, bringing the best of both worlds together.

Who are we?

LeapWave's team has been able to gather technical profiles from the fields of radio frequency, photonics and electronics, also combining experience and passion in what we develop. This initiative demonstrates that talent retention, as well as its re-uptake, is a reality with which LeapWave presents itself on the international technological scene.

Work with us!

LeapWave is a young and growing company, so we are already looking for new people to join us. Do you have expertise in radiofrequency or photonics ? If you want to be part or our team, send us an email with your application.